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Mar. 27th, 2012

Over the last weekend I took part in a Fashion show here in Winnipeg Manitoba
it was at the Taboo Naughty and Nice show. The clothes are mainly from Pinup Girl Clothing by way of a local retailer, the Foxy Shoppe.

I can't say enough good things about the experience (I had never um walked a run way or been apart of something like this before), and it was a lot of fun, very supportive and I would say the average size was plus size/inbetweenie.

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the dress is the Heidi Dress in Leopard and a size 2X there was no belt- I wore the Heidi the following day in Cherry Print, which I ended up purchasing- I love it (I'm on the wait list for the leopard print)

for stats I'm 5'1 200lbs and a size 18.

just a recap-
Sandy+Andy star wars, zombie, pittsburgh steelersish meets vintage wedding on August 24th 2013.

While our wedding date is still some time away, we have both our Save the Dates and Invites/RSVP's done (YAY)- though they won't be sent out for some time.

We have booked our venue (
We've got a wedding planner, and we booked our Photographer for both Engagement Photos and the actual wedding photos (we won a contest so it's at half cost)
we still need to order my dress from Dolly Couture but I'm not planning on doing that until January or March 2013, as well as we also are going to have custom jack purcell's (converse) made in our wedding colors (Black/Gold) for myself, groom, MOH and bestman (we only have 2 wedding party members total)
my MOH is either going to get a mustard colored dress from either BHLDN or Mod Cloth
We've found an etsy seller for the custom fake tattoos (ordering those today!), and will be using custom M&M's (with the steelers logo!) as the other favor.
we still need to sort out wedding bands- we found a jeweler in our city (Winnipeg) at the weekend who can custom make a rose gold band for me to match my engagement ring.
We still need to book/decide on hotels for our honeymoon (2 weeks in London UK/Paris FR)
We have a baker booked for our Cupcakes/Cake/Sugar Cookies (Lilac Bakery in Winnipeg MB- the best bakery EVER real butter YEAH!)
for the food/menu we're doing finger foods- with a Poutine Station (Andy's request) though it hasnt been selected yet since our date is pretty far off.
we still need to sort Groom/Best Man shirt+ties- we're going to want the ties custom made in mustard yellow/gold
music is an ipod play list not yet put together but will contain, Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil, Modest Mouse, Artic Monkeys, Belle and Sebastian and Pulp

we also need to get a bandana for our pooch Rolo the Wonderpup as she'll be in the Wedding+ Wedding Pictures.

whew! that was a lot! I hope my cut worked and it isnt borked.
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totally married.

so..we did it.
we got married in front our families and friends on Saturday October 20th 2007.
it was an absolutely stressful, rushed for time perfect day. I couldn't have done it without Kara and Joanna, and Michael nor can I say I would do it again..but I am incredibly happy, totally in love, and totally married.

I haven't got the proofs or anything else as of yet..
but we will be taking the disposable cameras to the drug store to get developed.

one more box of cheap wine

my wedding is in about 14 days from tomorrow.
I move to Canada in 27 days.

I'm somewhat getting claustrophobic from this adult business.

it's pretty weird to introduce michael, as my husband michael.

in other news, looking forward to the costume party before the night out!
everyone hope moms and my auntie dont kill eachother.

we've done a good portion of the wedding music-
I'm walking down the aisle, along with everyone else to the opening music
of belle and sebastian's "if you find yourself caught in love"

still debating on the actual wedding dance song
we've got it down too
Paul Weller- Going Places
Paul Weller The Start of Forever
Elliott Smith- Angel in the Snow
Elliott Smith- Say Yes

Movin on Uppppp

I got me a piece of the pie.

New Job.

starting August 20th..
ARIZONA bitches!

which means?!


in 3 hrs 12 minutes I take the ol' super shuttle to denver.
I get in this evening around 930PM

I should be home by Friday afternoonish I think :)

woo microsoft partner conference.

come on baby lets go

T-Minus 48 hours until the NY trip!
I spent most of today washing clothes and packing.
I think I am 100 percent packed with room for shopping (yessss)

not sure what I'm doing for dinner those nights :/
I think the boys know I'm going away. they always get extra huggy when they see the luggage out.

I need to go to the record store tomorrow and pick up my boxed set copy of "hit parade"

Arrhhh 3 days of wella!
he's doing a signing/performance tomorrow at the virgin mega store in NYC.
I wont be there *sigh*

Michael's having fun in MN. he's did 5 hours of shopping.
he'll get back into winnipeg tomorrow around 6 or so.
and super shuttle picks me up around 530AM on Monday morning.

pps in my usual hurting myself before a business trip
ive brusied my ribs and my right arm.

and then she flew away into the night

NY Countdown!
i am so so so so excited.
I hope the client meetings go a-okay.

I'm spending the weekend doing laundry
I've made my packing list so far

Tuesday Meeting with BMI-
Brown Turtleneck
Brown Plaidish Capris
Brown Stuart W. Wedges

Wednesday Meeting with CIT in Stamford CT
Black+white Sumi Marc skirt
Black crew-neck sweater
red marc flats

thursday meeting with UERP in Englewood Cliffs NJ
Black Pencil Skirt
Yam crew-neck sweater
orange Marc flats
ahh and ive got all but nowt to wear to weller at night.
i think i'm stopping by the marc store and I'm tempted to pick up the le tigre shift-style dress
otherwise ive got no clue beyond jeans and a couple tops.

blah and I need to wear tights with the skirts so I cant show off my tattoos.

new phone came!
it's great. lets hope I don't break it.

yay ny!

so..what sights should I hit up?

i like to live off lipgloss

I really haven't maintained this thing.
I should do that.

In 14 days I'll be not sunbathing in sunny yet crisp Winnipeg.
I've got a super important phone call tomorrow at 7:30 AM PST
that May decide my future for the next 5 years.

Leaving California, has become such a strong reality.
Leaving the few friends that I have left in LA will be sad (sorry miss m!)
Leaving mummy will be hard, but as we've had a few chats about what could happen tomorrow at 7:30AM, she seems to be quite supportive. bottom line is my current job can't even come close to that offer on a base salary wise.

I understand full and well I sorta, fell into the employment I am in now, but the idea of what happened, is just amazing :)
and moving will be wonderful.

being that it's 14 days until Winnipeg, I have an overwhelming want and need to pack
I'm trying hard NOT too pack but we'll see. I've wanted to pack for a month now, I suppose the last fortnight involved will be as difficult. The last time I packed 5 hours before my flight.
I'm also trying NOT to pack a million pairs of shoes and handbags
(my weakness next to kitties weller lipgloss and boozes)

My cast is off and my suitcase is out.
now I just need to plan the oufits.

Aug. 17th, 2006

Hey girls!
I'm not sure if you remember

but I purchased these last week at a crazy deal.

they are a 7.5 and after wearing them once to a work conference,
I can't justify keeping them in my closet since they are too big.
They have MINOR wear on the bottom.

I would love to see them go to a happy home.
from what I've seen (nordstroms, barneys, zappos, etc) do NOT have this style.

it's an ADORABLE style. it kills me that the shoes just plainly don't fit.
I have the box+tissue paper they came into.

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